It is a popular saying by men that God is not an author of confusion. If the above statement is true, why then is the world in a confused state. All over the world today, people are suffering from insecurity, untimely death, sicknesses of all kinds, etc. the answer is simply the introduction of man-made God in the name of Jesus Christ as the only son of God. People have made him God in totality, they can never do anything or say a word without Jesus, this is the confusion that is holding the world to ransom today.

It is a complete lie, until people wake up to the realization of the fact that the Spirit that calls Himself God is the Father of everything made by Him, both the invisible and the visible ones. This Spirit is the power and wisdom behind creation. He talks, works, hears, sees and has feelings, but the introduction of this new God has blindfolded the eyes of people to the understanding of the existence and principles of this Spirit Being that made us according to His own image and likeness. People who worship what they do not know say that God is in Heaven, this is because they are ignorant of the things of the spirit.

There is nothing like heaven or hell anywhere. The Spirit is here with us, He is neither a Christian or Muslim and can never be “Born-Again”. God Himself is tradition that the worship of Jesus Christ has separated us from thereby creating enmity between us and our Father, “The Spirit Being”. He has turned away His face from us and His left hand which is bitterness, gnashing of teeth and poverty is now the inheritance of the people of God. Just the same way a loving father will beat his son without mercy and allow him to cry whenever he goes against his father’s instruction and also accepts and comfort him when he say I’m sorry father, please forgive me. But instead liars who know nothing about God brought confusion by saying that repentance is the acceptance of a mortal man (Jesus Christ) as the Lord and personal Saviour, God forbid!

The practice of this very doctrine has only configured the mind of people to the bondage of “luck and faith” which does not exist for the Spirit Himself works with “power and authority”. However, this Spirit that calls Himself God is a merciful Father; He is always in the business of comforting His children whenever they cry to Him for help. He did eat in the lives of our fore-fathers by revealing Himself to Noah, Moses, Elijah, Elisha to mention but a few. In this our time, He has given to us a man who in him lives the original Law Book Of God in the person of Seer Blessed Dike, The Seer of the most High God, Oji-Ofo Chukwu, the Mayegun of Fakile Land, to return the world to the ancient landmark. This is the only way that people will know that of a truth God almighty is not the author of confusion, then the reality of the fact that God is one will be visible to the eyes on men.