Except from Top Celebrities Magazine vol 5 No 16 Tues Dec 24th, 2013 – Tues Jan 7th 2014

Seer Blessed Oguguamaka Dike, the Founder and General Overseer of ‘As God Said It Must Be Done – The Temple of The Most High God’, located at 12 As God Said Street, off Giwa, Oke-Aro area of Ogun State is no doubt a prophet of repute, whose several of his prophecies have come to pass. In this interview with Top Celebrities Magazine, Seer Blessed Dike used the avenue to clear the air concerning a particular report about him that he serves beer (alcohol) in his church. He further explained that as a king, prince and a servant of Most High God; he doesn’t just serve his guests anything but treats his guests, according to their request and demands. Interestingly, Seer Blessed Dike further revealed some shocking secrets that will blow your mind. Some of those untold secrets were that Boko Haram who most people felt are causing pandemonium in the nation, burning churches and killing Christians are Messengers of God. Read on… 

May you briefly introduce yourself, particularly the way you would like to be addressed?   

My name is Seer Blessed Oguguamaka Dike, I am a servant of the Most High God.

Could you take us through your background, your growing up and call to the ministry?

I am an indigene of Enugu State, I was born and brought up in Edo State, the former Bendel State. I was born on the 1st of October 1960, when Nigeria had its independence. So, I share almost the same age with Nigeria to the glory of God. I started primary school in 1970, I didn’t even complete my primary 1 when my parents withdrew me, what was common then was house boy and house girl, all my life I grew up as a house boy. When the journey was tough and with my stubbornness, I could not continue the work again and because my parents did not have enough money to send me back to school, I needed to get a job.

In 2001, 14th of April when I had an encounter with the Almighty God, ‘Jehovah Emmanuel’, I had the encounter at Omole Phase 1; if you are going towards Agindigbi, Ikeja that place till today you will find fresh corn, fresh plantain, fresh vegetables and everything you find there must be fresh and not old, that is where Jesus met me and he said; son why are you here? He was putting on a shirt, trouser and shoes. He said ”I have an assignment for you, my father has sent me to you”. And I said who is your father, he said he will introduce him to me. And I asked what can I do for you, he said all the vehicles in Road Safety, Ojodu, that he wants me to go and do the estimate; that the father is in charge of all the cars and that the father needed somebody that would repair, paint, check the engine, change the tyres and refurbish the car again, and I said ‘do you know, this is my profession? He said they knew and that is why they are looking for me and I said okay, ‘can you permit me to rush down to my shop and bring my letterhead so that anyone I check, I can then give you the quotation’. He said no, you should come and have a look at it first and I said okay, let’s go. I was a chain smoker then, I drew out my packet of St. Moritz and lighted it up and began smoking. Then I said, you mentioned your father in the first place, who is that your father. He said my father is coming to meet you and I said okay. Behold, he brought out a bible and said this is what my father said I should give to you, and I said NEVER! Instantly, I remember the advice of my father when I was leaving for Lagos in 1995 that some people used to turn individuals to different kinds of objects. Immediately, my mind went to  all that my father had told me, so when the man was giving me the bible, he said his name is Jesus Emmanuel and I became afraid. I said I can’t accept it and he said I must accept it because the Bible is my profession. I asked if I accept the bible from you, what do you want me to do with it because I don’t even know how to read or write. Besides, what do you want me to tell my wife and how do I take care of my family, he said that question belongs to Father. I said okay, then we went towards Isheri Road, along Agidingbi, I have not even got to the end of Omole Phase 1, when I now looked back, I could not see the man again, I ran down to Isheri Road to my workshop. When I got to the shop, I kept the bible. After one week of the encounter, I now started seeing crowd, men and women flocking around me. That is the journey of my life, God bless you!

You are a seer, meaning that you see and hear from God. Could you tell us how you hear and communicate with God?  

I communicate with God every moment. I have been ordained by God.

What is the mandate given to you by God?

The mandate… of what?

When you first had an encounter with God, what did God instruct you to do? 

God said I should go and bring back all his children to Him. He said all the men of God that have disappointed him that I should go and bring them back. After seventh day, I had an encounter with Jesus, he said the father is coming and that father he said is coming is the same man I’m maintaining his name till today. I don’t maintain the name of Jesus, I maintain the name of God, that is the man I had an encounter with.

Who do you see Jesus as and how do you connect Jesus back to Abraham, Noah and the rest in the Old Testament Bible?

I connect Jesus back to Adam and Eve, Enoch, Methuselah, Melchisedeck, Abimelech, Noah, these are the gentlemen that live the life of fulfillment before God. If you check their history; 910, 950, 960 years, these are my ancestors that obeyed God and God gave them extra years but because of sin, God shortened the life of man but in my own time, God will not shorten it again. He wants to make things new again like in the days of old. I will not die till 500 years are completed; no sickness, no disease and all my members here, nobody will die because I know the man that killeth and maketh.

Jesus is a servant of God like me he has finished his assignment and gone, when I finish my assignment on earth, I will go also. He is a servant of the Most High God, he has done a wonderful job. So, when people say Jesus is the Saviour of the whole world, then who did they say God is?

According to John 3:16, we are meant to know that God loves the world and He gave His only Son (Jesus) and whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. So, how do you explain this?

You see, there are lots of mistakes in that part of the bible you just quoted by the writer of the bible. John 3:16 you quoted is good news, can God be new?

We don’t understand what you mean by good news?   

New Testament Bible of course! Now, can God be good news?

But we were told that the bible was written by the inspiration of God, both the Old Testament and the New Testament Bible were all inspired by God and I don’t think any of the books in the bible was written within this our generation, they were written even before our fore-fathers. So, what differentiates the Old Testament and the New Testament Bible, and how do you reconcile it?

Yes, I believe this is a very big opportunity to reconcile it now. It is because man offended God. Let me tell you that the original bible was a scroll, that was what we had then. John 3:16 says that; “For God so love the world, that he gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”, how many Christians today die in a fulfilled age; ‘whosoever believes in him shall have everlasting life’, everlasting life means you must live a fulfilled life like your father Adam. Adam lived 930years, from the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Jacob died at the age of 147years. When you do what pleases God, you will die above your ancestors. When you die below your ancestors is an abomination before God. So, the John 3:16 you people are quoting I don’t feel people really know the meaning, they are only misleading people. Once you believe the word of God totally and obey the commandment, you will not perish. That same thing that was written in John 3:16 was also written in Joshua 1:3-9, what this place is trying to teach us here is obeying the commandment of God. The same word that God gave to Joshua was the same word God gave to John, what John is telling you here is to obey the words of God. ‘Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish’, between Jesus and Adam who lived longer? And ‘whosoever believeth in him shall not perish’ the mother of Jesus; Mary and Jesus who died first? Then, why can’t Jesus give the mother everlasting life? Because if it is written that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life, what about the mother and the father?

I told my congregation in the year 2012 that God is angry with Nigeria, not long I said it; so many crises started, fighting and killings. I also told them three months ago that there is going to be plane crash between September and October, it was three plane crashes God revealed to me but God allowed me to stop one but I could not stop the other two. It was not up to two weeks I said it, when one plane carrying a corpse from Lagos to Ondo State crashed before taking off. Immediately, people started calling me after the incident. I will tell you that what was happening in the time of old has started happening in our own time.

Looking at you, you have a crown on your head and you are wearing beads in your hands, at first one will assume you are a royal, what inspires your dressing?    

God is the King of kings, so I represent my father and I must dress like a king.

You said so many things about Jesus being a servant and all of that…

Cuts in: Yes, Jesus is a servant.

Do you believe in rapture and resurrection?

Do you know how many men in the bible did not see death? That is what they called rapture. Elijah did not see death; rapture is when a servant of God lives a life that pleases God and when the time comes, he will go. When a man dies, the spirit returns to God and the dead bodies go back to the dust. Rapture simply means when a man dies, the spirits return to God, (Ecclesiastics 12:7). So, don’t allow men to deceive you!

Colour means a lot and the moment any one comes in here, the first thing he will observe is the colour; red and white. So, what do red and white mean to you?

Red is life; without blood in your body you will not be alive. White represents peace of the Most High God. You can see what God said concerning blood in Leviticus 17:11. So, it is that blood that is red that cleanses one to become white.

In the course of your teachings; you said that there is no heaven and hell.

I said you must not allow anybody to deceive you that there is hell fire, there is nothing like hell fire. Heaven and hell fire are here on earth.

How do you experience heaven and hell fire here on earth?     

In the book of Isaiah 65:17-25 (A new heaven and a new earth), when you are suffering, ultimately you are in hell fire. That is why God said to Isaiah again in Isaiah 43:18-25; I can tell you that poverty had treated me so bad before, but today I can insult poverty. I had suffered, so while I was suffering then, I was automatically in hell fire. That I could not pay my house rent for three years and whenever the landlord is coming, I will begin to pick my nails because I do not have money to give to him. But when you have everything to your comfort, then you are in heaven. Let me give you the final example of hell; the widow of Zarephath, she was in hell fire but when God sent Elijah to that widow, she automatically experienced her own heaven (1 Kings 17:8-16).

You told us earlier on that when you were initially called to the ministry that you did not know how to read or write. So, at what point did you learn how to read, write and speak good English?  

God has sent me and equipped me, besides, I have never been to any bible school on any occasion.

We know many men of God that served God diligently but died before 70… 

Cuts in: Yes! Why they died before 70 years is because God is angry with them. Did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob die at the age of 70? Then what are we talking about? Open to Isaiah 65:20; when you know the man that killeth and maketh you will never die young, the reason why they die young is because God has punished them.

So, what happened to the men of God that served him diligently but died before 70years? Are you telling us that there is no hope of heaven for them?

All the big men of God for the fact that God has given them life to live on earth, that is why they have made progress, so by the time they die, their body will go back to the dust while their spirit will return to God and nothing else again; no more heaven nor hell again. They have enjoyed their years on earth, they have ridden on the church’s car, they have acquired enough wealth, but the moment they die, the spirit will return straight to God. But if peradventure the man lived the life that pleased God, God will now take his spirit and place it on another being… or you don’t believe in reincarnation?

In the course of your teachings, you said Jesus is a servant…

Cuts in: Till tomorrow!

So, how do you relate this to Muslims that have this same belief?  

They are 100percent correct! They are my friends and brothers…. I and the Alfa close to my temple are friends and we cooperate, I can go to his mosque and he can come and worship here. Muslims will not take it that God can become born again and I, the Seer of the living God and the son of the living God of this generation cannot subscribe to that. And I don’t believe Jesus is the saviour of the world but the only saviour of the world is God Almighty.

The day of your encounter, you said a bible was handed to you, do you still have the bible?  

Yes, it’s with me! It’s my life and I will transfer it to the right person whenever I want to handover to the person that is going to take over from me.

What is the idea behind the altar there?   

Yes, that is where we are going to put the original scroll from Israel; that is after we have finished arrangement with them, they will now come and inspect.

There is this belief that you serve beer in church?

God bless you! I don’t serve beer. Chinyere… It’s because of my media adviser, if not I will pick her up and make sure I close down their media house.


Because when they come to interview me, I normally ask them what they are  going to eat and drink and they all make demands. This particular day, I served them what they requested for but after serving them what they requested for, they now turned around and used it against me. When they informed me that some journalists are coming to interview me, I asked her what am I going to offer them but she said I can offer them snacks after the interview, I said I cannot do that because I am a king, a prince and son of a king, so nobody comes to my house without eating any food. So, when I asked all my boys… I said Uchenna prepare rice and turkey for those that are coming. So, when you people come now, I will ask what are you going to drink and if you want to drink Udeme, I will give you after the interview, if it is malt, I will give you, if it is McDowell, I will give you and if I don’t have it, I will ask people to go and buy it.

But it’s good you cleared the air

The journalist is a hopeless human being and she wanted to defend religion. Are we talking about religion or God? As if that is not enough, she went ahead and wrote that I said God is angry with Adeboye, God is angry with Oyedepo, God is angry Madubuko. All these things are lies, I never said so! She thought that Adeboye, Oyedepo and Madubuko are coming to fight me. If not for my daughter here, I bet, she will not have seen this forthcoming Christmas and if she does, I will stop serving God, I will rescind ‘Baba I no serve you again’ until you do what I want you to do.

As a Seer, is there anything God has shown you for Nigeria presently? Nigeria is having so many crises; Boko Haram and leadership problem, is there anything God has shown you specifically for Nigeria?

For this remaining period, God has not revealed anything that is going to happen to Nigeria since November to December. But what I am seeing is that in 2014, some things will happen; crises will come because of politicians and my mission in this earth is for God to give us a good leader for this country because we are the best country in the whole world till tomorrow. The problem is leadership which is not good, let us all seek the face of Most High God for good leader that will make this country the best in the whole world. It is because of lack of planning; that is why there are lots of sufferings in the country. Take for instance in the oil sector, instead of exporting crude oil to other countries to refine, why can’t they build our own refineries here in Nigeria and employ people to work and earn their living. Look at what is happening in the power sector also, they have sold our own NEPA, let us pray for a good leader in Nigeria. Good leaders like David, Abraham who cared for the poor and the masses because today in Nigeria, the rich are becoming richer and the poor, poorer. Let God give us leaders that have human feelings, leaders that will go to communities and build companies and employ people to earn a living. If we have other companies like Dangote, the crises we are experiencing today will all disappear; there will be no more crimes in the country and the anger of God will go down, Boko Haram will stop their operation; they take the commandment of God and not commandment of men.

Boko Haram?

Yes! Boko Haram are working for God, they are messengers of God.

 But they are bombing churches and killing Christians?     

Yes, because Christians are making mockery of God. How can you say Jesus is the saviour of the world? Christians are giving too much honour to Jesus more than God Almighty; Malachi 1:6, Romans 1:24-25, Matthew 12:18.

You said you were given a bible when you had an encounter with God, and you told us earlier in your teaching that the writers made mistake in some part of the bible. So, why are you still using the same bible that you know parts of it are wrongly written?

It is very easy to drag a horse to the river, but you cannot force the horse to drink water. If you try to force the horse to drink water, it will turn you over to the water. These are human beings we are talking about; this issue of born again has eaten deep into their heads, bone marrow and spirit, soul and body. Do you expect me to come overnight and say I want to remove it, is it that easy? In the original scroll, there is nothing like the New Testament.

You said you were called by God. Now, since you were called by God; are you planning to go into politics probably to save this nation?

Never! That is the last thing I will ever do.

What is your relationship with other pastors and men of God? 

Some of them called me and congratulated me, some called and abused me that I am an Anti-Christ, an occultist and series of names. Let all the men of God recognize whom God is and leave Jesus alone. Jesus has finished his assignment and gone, when they nailed him on the cross, he cried out and said “My father, my father why has thou forsaken me… it is finished”. Jesus said it is finished, that means he has finished his assignment on earth, he has given way for others to take over. The man that said it is finished is the same man people are putting in the position of God. Most times, when these men of God call me to say all sorts, I will ask them; whose servant are you? And some will answer and say they are servant of the Most High God and I will simply tell them may the God you serve judge you. Because if you say you are a servant of God like they claimed to be, you will teach words of God and not preaching what God did not say. Why can’t they give Moses the kind of preference they are giving to Jesus, why can’t they give Joshua? The man that led the Israelites to the promised land.

Is that why you do not belong to any Christian body like Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and the rest?    

Until God reveals to them what I teach, for instance, I have a book “God Is My Enemy”, if I open that book, they will nearly kill me, some of them will call me Anti-Christ and will ask me to kneel down and ask for forgiveness. I am appealing to all the men of God out there to reconcile with the old and leave Jesus alone; ‘Oyibos’ have deceived us so much. Can somebody crucify God on the cross? Look at the kind of jest people are making God. Who can lay hand on God and crucify him ‘O boy, we have committed offense o including me that is here’, we need to ask God for forgiveness.

Does your wife also preach like other men of God’s wives?

She is not the one that is called; I am the one that is called.

Because if you look around, once you have the GO, the woman will become Mummy GO and will take over whenever the man is not around?

I am the one God has called and not her. God made her to be a blessing and a helper to me and not to preach when I’m not around. They can call her MAMA, no dispute about that, but not the position of GO when I am not around. When God removed leadership of Moses, did he give it to the wife of Moses? I am not the kind of person that when God called me I will give my wife the same title. It is a taboo for a woman to lay hands on a man. If I want to hand over to someone, it must not be my wife.

You call this place a temple, not a church?

In the ancient times what do we have, church or temple? So, there is nothing like church, it is men of God that gave it what they love ‘Church’. Like here, we obey Sabbath day which is Saturday and Sunday is a day of rest. But because of the law of men we now joined them.

Don’t you believe in Christmas?     

Nothing like Christmas! Christmas is not recognized by God, it is recognized by the law of men and not the law of God. Christmas is any day, any time when something good happens in your life. If a man is in a prison yard, after serving his sentence the very day he receives his freedom, that day is his Christmas day. This Christmas thing is the idea of the white. Our Christmas day is supposed to be the 1st of October when the water started going down on the surface of the earth and the rock coming down, that is supposed to be a Christmas day all over the whole world, that is a new creation (Jeremiah 52:30).