Welcome to As God Said It Must Be Done!

You are welcome to 2019, the year of greatness with unprecedented revolutions. You are God’s target for an unstoppable agenda of exaltation this y

ear. There are Signs & Wonders sweeping across the earth to terminate every shame, reproach and oppression of the wicked. I see your place and portion in this move of the Spirit becoming evident in all aspects of your life. The Most High God will bless the work of your hands bountifully and give you reasons to celebrate in the midst of your compatriots.
It will interest you to know that God created you for a purpose only known by Him. Therefore, your head shall wear the crown of glory this year. Honour shall be your garment and the banner over you in all your ways.
You are to vehemently resist every issue of shame around you right now in order for you to gain access into this season of glorification by seeking the Truth about God and His existence. I see you going from nothing to something as God Almighty decorates your life with its treasures, again and again in the course of this amazing year. Surely, 2018 is your own year of Impossibilities becoming possible in your life! You will suffer no shame and reproach, you are Gods elect for a turnaround greatness.
God Bless you.
Seer Blessed Oguguamakwa Dike</h2>
<h3>(The Seer of The Most High God)</h3>

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