About Seer Blessed Dike

Who is Seer Blessed Oguguamakwa Dike?

A 21st Century ancient Seer in the fame of Moses, Elijah, Samuel etc, whose call like the calls of the Seer of Old was reluctantly accepted through spiritual force and years of sufferings. A professional Panel Beater and Spray Painter whose call is now to spiritually panel beat and re-spray man with the Word of God and intercessions.

A Seer with a mission to return man to His Creator, God in a simple but original raw state because as G od was in the beginning so He is now and without end. His call is to remind man that only God allows man to be afflicted, imprisoned and take us through furnace of afflictions in order to purify us and return man to Himself instead of perishing. This God does in His time and way, to take His Honour and Glory due to His Holy Name.

Seer Blessed Dike is a man of vision who sees the invisible, hears the inaudible, thinks the unthinkable, believes the incredible from God and does the impossible through God. Visit As God Said It Must Be Done for a life changing status.

God bless you.

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